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The year 2020 will be remembered as the year we face the coronavirus pandemic. While the world population waits eagerly a vaccine, many are interested by the question of distribution. Vaccine distribution was already problematic and the logistic will need to be rethought to ensure the massive distribution of million of doses against COVID-19 when this moment comes.

How can we preserve the vaccines integrity during this fast and large scale delivery process?

Learn more on this upcoming problematic and on the solution ideas suggested by various international groups in the following articles. 

Inadequate temperature control: 

Risk of ineffective vaccine

Population rurale importante et infrastructure de la chaîne de froid déficiente. Deux critères complexifiant la distribution de vaccins en Afrique. 

Africa: the challenge of a massive and fast 

vaccination campaign against COVID-19

Les infrastructures de la chaîne de froid en Afrique subsaharienne devront être grandement améliorées pour atteindre les personnes des nombreuses communautés rurales.


How to save one billion of COVID-19

vaccines while reducing food waste?

Améliorer la livraison réfrigéré d’aliments et s’en servir pour la distribution de vaccins. C’est le défi entrepris par le Rwanda Cooling Initiative.